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Welcome to the SharpLudus project!

The SharpLudus project is intended to streamline digital games development through Software Factories. It provides visual languages, frameworks and tools, integrated with Visual Studio, to empower the creation of XNA games.


Understanding the SharpLudus project

SharpLudus is intended to improve the creation of game factories. ArcadEx is one of such factories, actually the first created under the SharpLudus process. It is aimed at the creation of XNA bi-dimensional arcade games for PC. Some of its assets include:
  • The Game Definition DSL enables game developers to define screens and high-level game properties (name, display mode, resolution, etc.). Its code generators create code that, once compiled, builds a XNA game just ready to be played.
  • ArcadEngine provides an additional abstraction layer over the FlatRedBall game engine, in order for it to be more easily consumed by the ArcadEx code generators.

Some assets are not specific to ArcadEx and can be reused across SharpLudus factories:
  • FlatRedBall: underlying game engine consumed by ArcadEx. It is a partner project for which SharpLudus is a "client".
  • The Input Mapping DSL enables game developers to quickly map Xbox 360 buttons into XNA Keyboard keys.
  • The Feature Model DSL makes it possible to design and configure feature models. It is not specific to the game development domain but is used by other SharpLudus sub-projects (how? coming soon...).


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Game Definition DSL


Input Mapping DSL


Please notice:

All SharpLudus components are free of charge, and can be freely distributed. Any project which uses SharpLudus must display proper credit, either in the game project/download website as well as in a game credits screen. Any software created with any SharpLudus technology can be sold under this license, but the SharpLudus name must be displayed in a conspicuous manner, preferably as a splash screen. By installing this product you also acknowledge that you have read and agree with the FlatRedBall license.


The SharpLudus project uses the following resources:

About the author:

Andre Furtado - PhD Candidate (UFPE), Software Engineer (Microsoft Corporation)

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